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This is a resource from Craig Harper, who has been one of Australia’s leading educator’s and coaches in the areas of health, fitness and personal development. This link is to his blog, which has a lot of useful information designed to support people with their mindset:

Men’s Mental Health

I was sent this website earlier today and thought it looked good. For men with a bit of a quirky sense of humour, it has some tips and info on how to get through stress, sadness, depression and general life circumstances. The information makes the human experience easy to understand and not so scary to ask for help. For down to earth fellas and the people who care about them. I particularly like some of the “one-to-none” therapies listed on the Man Therapy page.

Note: The site is American based and when I say “down to earth”, read “must like a little crudity” 🙂

I have found an Australian version of this Man Therapy site. From what I can see it is sponsored by Beyond Blue, which is a pretty cool organisation that helps with depression. Check it out!


Sometimes things happen in life that leave a family member or friend in need of support. Whether it is due to some kind of illness or disability, caring for a loved one can place some pretty heavy loads on you, both physically and emotionally. The network of carers organisations around Australia are there to support you. They can help you navigate the services and systems you need to utilise for your loved one/s. For example, this could include the education system for a child with Autism, Aged Care Services for an ailing parent, or even the mental health system for a sibling with severe anxiety. Sometimes carers can also be children and young people, who can take on extraordinary loads that other kids their age don’t.

Each state and territory has their own carers organisations, appropriately named for the specific state; Carers Victoria, Carers WA, and so on. They can all be accessed through the Carers Australia website, which can be found at

You can also make contact via their national phone number, which will take you through to the head office in your state. The people who answer the phone will then make appropriate referrals to get you what you need. The number is 1800 242 636.

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