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Abundance Mindset

Hi everyone!

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so dragged down by the circumstances we are in and life in general, that we feel pretty crappy a lot of the time. And when we feel like that, we often end up in a pattern with the way we think. We think that nothing will ever change, that we will never have anything good in our lives. I have spoken before about how our thoughts become automatic and

then our reality. When this happens, everything in our lives reflects that reality, and most of the time we actually create that reality. We subconsciously look for experiences that reinforce the things in our heads. We end up creating the life that we do not want. The life that we often dislike, or even despise.

This is the case for everything. Our career, our finances, our relationships, even our health.

Today I came across a blog when the owner randomly found this one and followed The Mindset Effect. He is a young American dude ¬†and has his own blog, which focuses on creating a life you can be passionate about, through your career and financial freedom. He wrote a post called “How to program yourself to riches (even if you’re broke as shit)” (love the broke as shit part lol). And while it is focused on wealth creation, I believe it applies equally to every area of your life.

I would encourage you to read this post. The strategies outlined are exactly what you need to change your mindset from one of lack to abundance.

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