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A letter to all teenagers

I was listening to the radio this morning while I was driving on a trip for work and the presenter played a piece with a journalist interviewing a young 17 year old American blogger. The journalist explained that most people get to their mid-30’s, 40’s or even 50’s and would reflect on what would they say to their teenage selves if they had the chance. The question was reversed and the blogger was asked what she would say to herself 15-20 years from now. Her answers were very interesting.

This was my life as a teen

This was my life as a teen

I would like to change that a little and write to all the teenagers out there who have been where I was at their age. To those who feel inadequate, unworthy and like they don’t belong.

Dear you,lonely teen

When I was your age I felt pretty useless. I couldn’t seem to do anything right, no matter how much I tried. I had only a couple of friends and I rarely got to see them outside of school. I was lonely. I got used to being on my own and believed it was normal. When people avoided me at school I believed nobody wanted to be with me. That I was unworthy. That I was unlovable. That was almost 30 years ago and I’ve learned a few things since then. I’ve learned that I experienced all those things so long ago so that I could be here today writing you this letter.

I was never any good at sports. I was never popular with the other kids. But I’ve learned that none of that matters. I am smart. And talented. I have value. Simply because I live and breathe. And so do you. You are worthy. You are smart. And talented. I don’t need to know you to know these things about you.

teen talent1

This is talent!

The world has 6 billion people in it. Every single one of them is unique, with unique personalities, talents and gifts. We have doctors, lawyers and accountants. Teachers, nurses and parents. Mechanics, engineers and priests. Cleaners, rubbish collectors and school crossing guards. Chefs, waiters, actors and bus drivers. There is a place in the world for every one of these people. Each one of them has different personalities and talents and the world would not function well if some of them were missing. There is a place for you too.

So even if you feel like you have nothing to offer, please know, from me to you, that you do. You may not know what your talent is yet, but please trust that it is there. I used to feel like I had no talent, even though I was a good student. I wasn’t good at anything that stood out. Sports, music, drama. I didn’t really belong.

It took a while but I got to know where my talents lie. I realised I was great with people. Listening to them, talking to teen story to tellthem, teaching them, helping them. I realised the world didn’t need me to be good at sport or drama. Or even music. Even though I used to dream that I could be. It did need me to be myself. A quiet, shy person who is great with people.

Regardless of what your talent is, even if you don’t know right now, it is needed. You are needed. Whatever you look like, you are needed. Whatever your likes and dislikes, whatever your personality, whatever your size, the world needs you.

So hang in there, try new things, continue to be courageous and allow your light to shine. You are wonderful. You are worthy. You matter. You are loved.

Love, me. 

talents timid

teenage talent

Make some noise, whatever your talent!

A game called Transformation.

A game called Transformation..

This is a link to an article I found today. It gives some insights into how you can transform your mind and your life. Or more specifically, transforming your life WITH your mind. I thought it was a useful article to share with you. Let me know what you think, cause it really resonated with me 🙂

Ali 🙂

Creating your Vision

Many people experience difficulties achieving what they want in their lives. They get caught up in the day-to-day drudgery that is life. Kids, work, in-laws, finances, spouses, study, managing a house and home. In other words, responsibilities. They can be never-ending. And the “sameness” of them can send (and keep) us into a routine that can wear us out and make us feel like we have nowhere to go. However, there is a simple strategy that can help open our minds up to possibilities outside the day-to-day routine.Vision 1

If you have something in the back of your mind that you wish you could achieve and feel disempowered to make happen because of your current circumstances, then this could be for you. Whether your dream consists of a mansion, a hobby farm, a career you’re passionate about, a family, or to run a marathon, this could help you to make it happen. It may even be a general “this is who I want to be given the experiences I have had in my life”.

Vision Boards have long been used as a visual representation of our goals and dreams. They have helped people to manifest into their lives, the things or experiences they desire. They can also help us get clarity about what we want out of life and live by our values.

The theory is that if you create your vision board and then display it in a prominent place where you can see it every morning when you get out of bed and every evening before you sleep, your mind takes in the images and helps you spot experiences in your life that will help you get what you place on the board.

The method used to create one is quite simple.

  1. Grab a heap of art and craft supplies such as craft glue, gel pens, pencils, textas, crayons, pastels, scissors, stickers, wool, feathers, paint, chalk, coloured paper, decorative scrapbooking things, stamps, old magazines, pinterest pictures, photos, and so on. You can choose everything from this list or just one or two things. Or even other things not on the list. Anything that appeals to you, really. These supplies can be purchased from art supply stores, or if you prefer try some of the discount “$2” shops (which is where I get all my supplies). Old magazines can be purchased for a few cents at some op shops, or ask around your friends, family or neighbours for some they don’t need.
  2. You can use a piece of cardboard, paper or even an art canvas as your board.
  3. Arrange some uninterrupted time where you can sit quietly. Spread out your supplies so they are within easy reach, or at least so you aren’t having to jump up to get something else every 5 minutes.
  4. You may like to play some quiet music (preferably relaxation, but that’s a personal choice) or if you prefer work in silence. There is something about the solitude that allows our unconscious to surface. If you’d like to grab a snack that’s cool but it’s certainly not essential.
  5. Set your intention. Think about what you want your board to be about. Whether you want your career to turn a corner, attract a potential spouse, become a fitter and healthier you, or whether you want to explore who you really are, keep it in your mind or even say it out loud or write it down. Keep it close by while you work so you can glance at it when you need to. You might like to take 3-5 long slow, deep breaths to calm your heart rate before you start.
  6. Begin by looking through all the materials you have gathered. If using magazines, look for pictures, words or symbols. If something jumps out at you, bring it out and put it aside for your board. Try not to analyse or think too much about your choices. The idea is to use the unconscious part of your mind and the best way to do that is to go with your gut instinct on what you choose. So if it jumps out at you, then go with it.
  7. You can choose to either attach your items to your board as you go or collect them all first. Again, try not to think too hard about where you place things on your board. Go with what feels right to you.
  8. When you have completed your board your hands will naturally stop working and it will FEEL complete. Again, don’t analyse it. Trust that your instinct is doing its job.
  9. Sometimes sharing your board and explaining it to someone else will help to clarify and cement what you have just completed. Sometimes when you start talking you can be surprised by what comes out of your mouth. I have often thought “where did that come from” immediately after saying something about my board. And sometimes it can be a bit emotional to voice some of this subconscious stuff, so please don’t be surprised if you feel some tears well up. If you feel comfortable, allow them to happen. It can be therapeutic and help you cement stuff in your mind. It’s simply an indication that these things are important to you.

I am including some photos of example boards I found on pinterest today. Please remember that these are just examples and are not meant to influence the way you do your board. No two boards are truly the same (nor are they meant to be). They’re kind of like fingerprints; unique. So rather than try to copy the way someone else does it, just allow your hands to do what they want to do. Without judgement or censorship.

One final note: There can be a sense of connection and community from creating vision boards with a group of other people. So why not organise a party of friends and a few hours where you can get together? It can be a lot of fun. Remember though, that creating vision boards can be a very personal experience. When I facilitate groups to create them I set some guidelines at the outset. We follow the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” theory, along with “share only what you feel comfortable with sharing”. Sometimes what appears on the board is intensely personal. Please respect that sacred space.

vision board 1 Vision Board 2 Vision Board 3 Vision Board 4 Vision Board 5 Vision Board 6 Vision Board 7

Abundance Mindset

Hi everyone!

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so dragged down by the circumstances we are in and life in general, that we feel pretty crappy a lot of the time. And when we feel like that, we often end up in a pattern with the way we think. We think that nothing will ever change, that we will never have anything good in our lives. I have spoken before about how our thoughts become automatic and

then our reality. When this happens, everything in our lives reflects that reality, and most of the time we actually create that reality. We subconsciously look for experiences that reinforce the things in our heads. We end up creating the life that we do not want. The life that we often dislike, or even despise.

This is the case for everything. Our career, our finances, our relationships, even our health.

Today I came across a blog when the owner randomly found this one and followed The Mindset Effect. He is a young American dude  and has his own blog, which focuses on creating a life you can be passionate about, through your career and financial freedom. He wrote a post called “How to program yourself to riches (even if you’re broke as shit)” (love the broke as shit part lol). And while it is focused on wealth creation, I believe it applies equally to every area of your life.

I would encourage you to read this post. The strategies outlined are exactly what you need to change your mindset from one of lack to abundance.

think abundantly


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