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Deliberately being purposeful

I have recently signed up to receive daily inspirations from the Brave Girls Club. They send out daily emails to people with letters specific to a particular topic. Without fail they are addressed to women who are brave, beautiful or magnificent, and so on.purpose intention

The one I received today really resonated with me. So many times we go through our lives being completely mindless. We are on automatic pilot and we rarely do anything with consideration and purpose. Our brains are so full of the daily responsibilities, tasks and achievements, that we rarely slow down long enough to consider whether we are on the path of life that we really want. We become unsettled, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, and we often don’t know how to turn things around.

The following is a link to the daily truth I received today. I love the suggestion at the end to choose just one small thing to do that will move you closer to where you would like to be in your life. I believe the concepts in this post, despite being addressed to women, apply equally to men. It could apply to anyone.

I particularly love how the letter begins and ends. We could all do with more love in our lives 🙂

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