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Emotional words and substitutions

I found a blog post on another site that I thought might be useful for some people. If you have ever found yourself caught up in the cycle of negative thinking, this article may help.

“I can never do anything right”. “I feel so lonely”. I can’t do this, it’s too hard”.

All of these and more.

This article gives you a few choices to change some of the words you use. If you can change just one or two words whenever you catch yourself voicing the negative words, over time you could change your perspective and be living a life with less negative emotions and more of the ones that help you. The full link can be found here.

Also take a look at one of my previous posts here that will give you a little information about how these thought processes work.

I’d love some feedback on how helpful you find both articles, so feel free to comment below 🙂


We are emotional beings, this is what we are. Everything that happens in our life makes us feel some sort of emotion. Whether it’s the satisfaction from eating our morning breakfast, the anger from our daily commute to work, the challenge from working out at the gym, the joy from spending time with loved ones, the calmness from relaxing in a quiet place alone, or the sadness from dealing with some sort of loss, we feel emotion in everything we do and we will continue to do so for the rest of our life. Therefore if we are bound to feel emotions for the remainder of our life, why should we be stuck feeling negative emotions?

Well for some reason, over the years that the English language has been developing, we have decided to create almost two times as many words describing negative emotions over positive ones . It is estimated that there are over 2000 words describing negative emotion, while at the same time just over 1000 words describing the opposite. Luckily we as humans were given one amazing gift, which is the ability to choose.

This ability to choose allows us to do something pretty amazing, it allows us to change the words we use to describe the emotions we feel. As such we can simple turn a words like depressed to on the road to a turn around, frustrated to challenged, or I hate to I prefer. By simply choosing to use a not so negative word to describe your emotion you will slowly, but surely start to feel more and more positive one word at a time.

Let’s take a quick look at some negative words and a more positive twist on them:

emotions alternatives

As you can see, your emotional state can quickly be altered just by simply changing the words used to describe such feelings. Although you will still be describing the emotions you’re feeling from the situation, you now will be feeling it in more of a positive light.

I now challenge you to choose five of the words above you think you will use today and try to use the positive transformation version instead. I promise if you do this long enough the emotions you feel will become more positive.


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