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When I think about self-care I can’t help but think about its opposite. What happens when we don’t take care of ourselves? When we go through the day without taking down-time? If it’s only for one day the effects are probably minimal. But what happens when it’s day after day, week after week, or even year after year?

I’ve met people who go through their lives on such high alert that when I suggest they try taking 10 minutes to do nothing, the thought of it has them freaking out! And if they try to actually do it, they feel restless, anxious, upset and lost!!

And then you get people on the other end of the spectrum, like me, who constantly give all their energy away. By the end of the day they have nothing left, and their bodies shut them down. They literally can’t move off the couch until it’s time to crawl into bed.self care fill cup

So what’s actually happened for someone who experiences these states? It’s highly likely that they are stressed. Many people believe that stress isn’t real. That it’s some made up condition. Let me rebuff that myth.

Stress is very real. It is a physiological response to some kind of threat. It’s an instinctual event that happens automatically. You do not control it, it controls you. That is, the body response is in charge. You can however manage your response and minimise its impact on your body and your life.

Glenda from Healthy Stories recently wrote a fabulous article about stress and how you can recognise when you’re in its midst. Check it out! It also has some great tips on how you can work with your body and lessen the impact stress has.

self care possibilities

I think the most important thing you can do with this information is to figure out what is going to work for you. We are all individuals and every single body is different. And that means we all need different strategies to help us feel calm and centred.

worth taking care ofI know what it’s like to live in a constantly stressed body. I have lived it for a decade or more. My mind and body were completely disconnected from one another. It’s taken me a while to even figure out that what I was experiencing had the name “stress”. Working out how to reconnect my mind and body has been quite the task, and the process continues. I have taken time to rediscover how my body feels during and after exercise. I’ve taken time to discover how my mind and body feel after some guided visualisation and mindfulness practice. I’ve discovered many different things about myself. I’ve explored, tried some things out and learned a whole heap. I continue to learn. I have discovered that I really like who I am. And when I take time to regularly look after myself, I function much better during the day, I am much calmer, happier and more peaceful, and I love who I am.

Can’t ask for much more than that, right?

Are you prepared to embark on your own journey of exploration?

Comments on: "The importance of self-care" (4)

  1. Pink Penny said:

    I find I can eat my stress. Not sure what the answer is there, other than to recognise its not food that I’m craving, its some other type of treatment. Taking time out and going for a walk. Doing a mindful meditation. The first step of course is to realise that the food is not the answer to feeling better. Something else is.


    • I know what you mean Penny!! Food is rarely the answer when you have cravings. For me at least it’s much more about figuring out which emotion it is I am feeling and meeting the need I have surrounding that. It’s not easy to do!


  2. I was much like you Ali in that I was constantly stressed and completely lost the connection between my mind and body. Luckily that’s been resolved now and I’ve been living a much less stressed life for the last 4 years. While this has been fantastic for my physical, mental and spiritual health, it’s also made me more sensitive to stressful events. What I mean by that is that things that I normally would have just brushed off because I had more stressful things to deal with, now they have a greater impact because I don’t have as much stress in my life. At first this concerned me because I didn’t like being less tolerant to stress, but then after a while I realised that it was a good thing because it meant that I was now able to actually detect the smaller stressors and do something about them. It’s funny how your perspective can change like that.


    • I love that new perspective Glenda! Sounds like you’ve made some huge shifts in a relatively short period of time! So happy for you! Very much looking forward to getting to that point myself!

      Good for you!!


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