The Power in the way we Think

I wanted to share this blog post with you all. I think it has some great information about differentiating between beliefs and truths. I particularly like the way Gabriel (the author) introduces how we sometimes believe things that aren’t necessarily reality. When we ask ourselves whether the beliefs we hold are helpful, sometimes the answer is no. Unhelpful beliefs can hold us back from doing the things important to us. For example, when we believe we are unattractive/fat/ugly, we subconsciously seek out experiences that reinforce this view. And we interpret events in a way that will reinforce it too. When someone gives us a compliment we minimise it or completely dismiss it and we end up creating what we know we don’t want; a self-fulfilling prophecy.
So is it helpful for your future to believe you’re unattractive/fat/ugly? Does it help you to create a life where you feel beautiful and successful? No?
Like anything in life, making dramatic changes in our life isn’t easy. Try starting with the small things. Next time you are presented with an opportunity, stop yourself from dismissing it out of hand and open your mind a little. Ask yourself – what if my long held belief could be changed to serve where I really want my life to be? Decide what it is you really want and look out for opportunities to create THAT. Small steps.
And remember, the unattractive/fat/ugly example is one of an infinite number. This could apply to any belief we hold. Anything with which you find dissatisfaction and unease.


Comments on: "Believe Not What’s True, But What’s Helpful" (2)

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    thank you for sharing 🙂


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